Reach new markets and bridge gaps with accurate and relevant translations at Ukti.

Sometime in the 1980s, KFC opened their first outlet in China and set a textbook example of the intended meaning getting 'lost in translation'. Their slogan "Finger-lickin' good" was, quite comically, translated to "eat your fingers off". It may now sound funny but at the time did nothing to build the business' credibility.

Translation is an art of subtleties and nuances, perfected over the years with laboured efforts, creative thinking, and a strategic approach to produce the best rendition of the original content in the target language. Contrary to popular belief, translation isn't about a word-to-word conversion but is a more holistic exercise to retain the tone, style, context, and message of the content. Thus, excellent translations are almost always a combined effort of translators, editors, and proof-readers.

When you expand your business across geographies, communicating effectively with local communities requires an understanding of where they come from, how they convey ideas, and an innate understanding of the dialect. We make this process easier for you through our unmatched translation services. A symbiosis of domain and linguistic expertise allows us to deliver culturally appropriate and accurate translations.

Here's how we uphold high standards of quality throughout our translation projects:

  1. Subject matter experts with 5+ years of experience
  2. Native speakers of the target language
  3. Compulsory round of editing and proof-reading
  4. Final quality check by translator and project manager

We help you translate documents, videos, and other media that reach out to your customer base. Following are some areas our translation services cover:

  1. Clinical Research Studies, Trials, Consent Forms, Patient Diaries, Medical User Manuals
  2. General Medical Documents, Flyers
  3. Annual Reports, Budgets, Financial Statements
  4. Surveys
  5. Technical Documents
  6. Websites and Blogs
  7. Books
  8. Promotional Material
  9. Legal Documents
  10. Films, Video Scripts, and Subtitles
  11. Desktop Publishing and Typesetting