Our mantra at Ukti is to deliver customer satisfaction through four key areas:

High Accuracy

Accuracy is prime when it comes to delivering quality. Every piece of writing and translation is thoroughly analysed and proof-read before it's out. We retain only the most faithful rendition during translation and the most impactful string of phrases during writing.

Top Quality

When it comes to quality, there are no compromises at Ukti. We believe 'good enough' is just not good enough. It is our constant endeavour to deliver excellence.

Deep Expertise

By working with skilled linguists and talented writers, we place only language and subject matter experts on projects, ensuring expertise drives the output.

Excellent Management

To ensure timely delivery, adherence to guidelines and high-quality output, we keep ourselves on our toes, constantly pushing ourselves to manage resources effectively.

We are a team of managers, translators, writers and editors. Using our experience, we are able to assess and select the best resources, an otherwise difficult and time consuming task for those unfamiliar with the trade.