Take Your Marketing Efforts to the Next Level with a Content Partner

Imagine this. Your organisation is doing exceptional work. Your clients are satisfied with your performance but you can’t seem to add more clients to your business. You find out it’s because no one knows you in the market. This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you haven’t collaborated with a content writing firm. Every marketer worth their salt knows that no business runs without quality content. Especially at a time when marketing has become digital, content on websites and blogs has become a USP of sorts.

Hiring in-house writers or a freelancer has become a trend. But nothing beats what a content writing firm can provide. Here are five reasons why you too must hire one.

Content that is fine-tuned

Content writing agencies are meticulous with high standards. To keep up with these they chisel every alphabet they use and make every sentence go through one or more editors. Like pedants, they then send it to an ideation head to ensure that the output meets the brief. This unmatched level of specialization is possible only at a firm with a team of writers. In contrast, if you choose to hire an in-house writer then the onus is on you because you hired them. Not to say it is time-consuming and exhausting to find a qualified individual. Moreover, editing and approving would still be your job. An in-house writer or freelancer would only cover a portion of the multitude of tasks a team can perform

Versatile Range of Content

An in-house writer or freelancer cannot possibly be omniscient. They have their own areas of expertise that are confined. But it isn’t their fault. You cannot expect an individual to know everything about everything. But you can reasonably expect a bunch of people to know a bunch of things. Content writing organisations have a competent team of writers and editors who come from different backgrounds. So, they have diverse fields of expertise which allows them to produce quality matter on any topic regardless of the industry.

Content Strategy

What’s different between content writing and content development you ask? You aren’t alone. It is indeed a common misconception that content development is the same as content writing.  In-house writers and freelancers are only writers while content partners help you devise a comprehensive plan for your content requirements. Several aspects such as the topics of the posts, the writing style, frequency of posts, and the ultimate objective of the content marketing efforts need to be clarified before content can be produced. All these attributes need to be specified by you for an in-house writer, but with a content partner, it happens without telling.  All you have to do is ideate and discuss these topics and let the team take over.

Fixed Costs Removed

Content partners induce flexibility by fulfilling the content requirements as and when needed. You do not need to shoulder the burden of paying the salary of permanent employees. This reduces the cost and ensures that your employees aren’t idling away their time. Moreover, you do not have to bear the overhead costs that go with adding an employee to your team. These costs include providing furniture, setting up a computer desk among others. While these costs seem negligible, they add up over time, and who can say no to savings?

No Training Burden

Content writing companies have experienced individuals who possess the know-how of content development based on the outlines provided by you. In-house writers take time to settle in as they need to be trained to a certain extent and fine-tuned to understand your expectations and requirements. Content partners have the skills to take on new clients and understand your needs immediately. Content partners take the weight off of you and you can rest easy knowing that the output you receive will tick off all the boxes.

Produce More Content

Content companies have access to a team of writers as opposed to in-house writers and freelancers who usually operate as lone wolves. Content partners are thus inevitably better equipped to produce large amounts of content quickly. Plus, not every organisation has the same calendar for their content requirements. Some may need content on a seasonal basis while some may require it in large amounts at short intervals. Content partners can produce as much content as you need and whenever you need it.

The content marketing industry is still in its nascent stages, especially in India, but its importance in the digital marketing of a business is evident. Specialised content companies are the future of the content marketing industry and the time has come to partner with one.

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