B2B Content and Humor: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven or Hell?

“Thou shalt not tryeth be funny in thy content,” said God as he revealed the Ten Commandments of B2B content writing.  (Not really!)  Yet, for some odd reason, B2B content marketers always shy away from humoring their audiences with content. They don’t consider humor to be a part of their content-market fit.  But why? Mind … Read more

7 Indian B2B SaaS Brands Crushing the Content Marketing Game

Examples of Indian B2B SaaS brands crushing the content game

In marketing and sales teams, there is a methodology commonly used to get inside the customer’s mind during a buying process. It’s abbreviated as AIDA, and can be seen as a stripped-down approach to understanding consumer psychology. A = AttentionI = InterestD = DesireA = Action But for most B2B SaaS brands in India today, … Read more

ChatGPT for Content Marketing: All About The Latest Internet Sensation & What it Means for Content

Unlike other chatbots, ChatGPT3 responds to users’ input and remembers previous inputs and responses. Thus, it allows the users to have actual conversations with the bot and provide refined answers to users’ questions.