7 Indian B2B SaaS Brands Crushing the Content Marketing Game

Examples of Indian B2B SaaS brands crushing the content game

In marketing and sales teams, there is a methodology commonly used to get inside the customer’s mind during a buying process. It’s abbreviated as AIDA, and can be seen as a stripped-down approach to understanding consumer psychology. A = AttentionI = InterestD = DesireA = Action But for most B2B SaaS brands in India today, … Read more

Explained: How Vertical SaaS is Taking Over Niche Marketplaces?

The digital world as we know of and engage with today is built on the cloud. And SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are its three core pillars. But over the last few years, the SaaS pillar has branched off into two prominent ways: vertically and horizontally.  Where horizontal SaaS caters to diverse groups of industries, vertical … Read more