Explained: Why India is the Next Global SaaS Capital

Software as a Service first established its roots in the early 1960s. But it was not until 1999 that the first ever SaaS company in the world came into being: Salesforce.  At the time, the SaaS business model was considered unsuitable for a large-scale operation. Fast forward to 2022, some of the biggest names today … Read more

From a Dying Start-up to a $5M/Year Business: How Groove Tasted Success with Content Marketing

Content marketing is not alchemy because the content is real, and there is no magic formula to shoot engagement through the roof. Ask any content marketer, and they will tell you there is no-size-fits-all content strategy. But every now and then, we come across success stories that have nailed some formula to grow business with … Read more

After Product-Market Fit, Find Your Content-Market Fit

after product market fit, find your content market fit

Are you a SaaS company with a satisfied customer base that swears by your product? Well, Congratulations! You can cross off ‘achieve product-market fit’ from your to-do list. Your next goal is achieving content-market fit.  For the uninitiated, having the content-market fit means that you are connected with the right people, through the right channel, … Read more

Explained: How Vertical SaaS is Taking Over Niche Marketplaces?

The digital world as we know of and engage with today is built on the cloud. And SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are its three core pillars. But over the last few years, the SaaS pillar has branched off into two prominent ways: vertically and horizontally.  Where horizontal SaaS caters to diverse groups of industries, vertical … Read more

Why SaaS Content Needs to Be Product Led

Why SaaS content needs to be product led

“Talking about our product right off the bat in our content will make us sound too sales-y.” Sounds familiar? Do you publish product-led content for your SaaS blog? Like many SaaS marketers, you’ve probably been wired to focus on customers’ interests and pain points first. Then gently nudge them to learn more about the product … Read more