How We’re Growing Our LinkedIn Page

Every day, over 140 million people log in to LinkedIn to establish personal connections, share their knowledge, gain industry insights, and boost their careers. 

But until a year ago, Ukti wasn’t one of them. LinkedIn has been a key part of our writing and research processes for years but barely a part of our growth strategies. So, about a year ago, we finally dared to explore this game-changing platform. 

And what started with a small audience of 300 followers has now become a family of 3000+ followers in less than a year! 

Top marketers worldwide have been saying it for years – LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools for building your brand – and today, our own experiences have confirmed it, too. So, how did we get here?

Let me take you through Ukti’s journey with LinkedIn so far and share the learnings that are helping us stay on track with this growth.

The Goal

As a small agency geared towards delivering expert content to our clients, our goal with LinkedIn was simple – to tell people who we are (boost awareness) and establish ourselves as experts in the industry (build authority).

On the surface, this looks pretty straightforward to manage. You launch your company’s social media page, be helpful and consistent, and engage with a steadily growing audience. As a part of the LinkedIn marketing team, let me tell you – it’s not as easy as it looks. 

With LinkedIn, you’re looking to attract a professional audience who is hungry for knowledge and quality information. Safe to say, we couldn’t have gotten away by creating short posts that didn’t resonate with our target audience.

We wanted our LinkedIn page to be our audience’s one-stop destination for curated industry trends, helpful content insights, and unique POVs on all things SaaS and content. We wanted those information-hungry professionals to drive more value from our content, engage with us, and become our biggest advocates who come back for new insights every week.

So that’s exactly where we started. 

Our Approach

Let me be honest. When we decided to build our presence on LinkedIn, we didn’t know where to begin. While we have spent years working on strategies for our clients, this leap was overwhelming. So we did what we know how to best: write it down.

To establish LinkedIn as one of our primary marketing and distribution channels, we started with a detailed LinkedIn strategy. This strategy defined our-

  • Target audience
  • Content philosophy
  • Content types
  • Post structure
  • Posting frequency
  • Desired audience action
  • Key metrics to track

Ever since our first post on LinkedIn, this strategy has helped us be consistent in our efforts and stay on track. Now, after months of experimenting and a lot of hits and quite a few misses, here’s how we are growing our LinkedIn page-

#1 Ideation

Every month, our team works together to brainstorm fresh ideas and exchange information to come up with fresh content ideas for the month. We review what’s new in the industry, determine what the audience is talking about, and keep track of any upcoming events. 

We all contribute different topic ideas and sort them into various content buckets. These content buckets help us take a focused approach to ideation. 

For instance, we share the latest industry news in our special “This week in content” series with our audience. We also have a ‘Learn with Ukti” series where we help our audience learn something new about content and the industry. 

Once our content buckets are ready, we pick our content formats and create a calendar for the month. 

#2 Creation

Our monthly content calendar is typically a mix of fresh, helpful content, website blogs shared as LinkedIn articles, reposts, and repurposed posts. We also share regular company updates, employee achievements, and company insights on our page. 

But one post type that has worked consistently, and dare I say, amazingly well for our growth on LinkedIn, is memes! Yes, surprisingly enough, some of the best-performing posts on our LinkedIn page have been memes, like this one-

Who knew content writers loved to laugh at their own misery? 😝

Now, when creating content for our audience, our strategy has been to play on our teams’ strengths. From the very beginning, we communicated our goals with the team and encouraged them to tap into their unique abilities to create content for LinkedIn. 

And what do you know, our writers turned to graphic designers, memers, SEO experts, and LinkedIn experts, all in one. 

Experimenting with the Content Types

For LinkedIn, we regularly experiment with different content types – a mix of text and visual content to attract and engage our audience. 

A. Text-only posts

Help us share bite-sized industry wisdom, insights, and content-related tips with the audience.

B. Carousels

We take an in-depth approach to various content marketing topics, new concepts, industry trends, or tips through the carousels.

C. Infographics

Simple and attractive infographics help us amp up the visual element of our website. We turn all our valuable topics into easy-to-digest bits through these visual gems.

D. Polls

To engage with our audience and get their opinion on trending topics, we also post fun and insightful polls on our LinkedIn page. 

E. LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn Articles have been an easy way to promote our website blogs and offer our LinkedIn audience weekly insights into the world of SaaS and content marketing.

#3 Execution

Our execution strategy is all about being consistent with publishing, promotion, and audience engagement. To nail it, we follow a weekly action plan that involves-

  • Creating helpful posts with attention-grabbing hooks, relevant hashtags, and the right accompanying visuals.
  • Making our employees the biggest advocates. This means getting the team to engage with company posts regularly.
  • A/B testing various content formats and types to determine what’s working with the audience.
  • Responding to comments and engaging with other industry influencers. 

#4 Review and Track

As a feedback-driven and result-oriented team, we frequently experiment with post types, writing styles, and content types to bring freshness to our social strategy. We keep regular tabs on our content performance and look for improvement areas as highlighted by key metrics like-

  • Follower growth
  • Engagement (Likes, comments, shares, reposts)
  • Impressions
  • Clicks

A year into this strategy, we’re already witnessing positive results in terms of better reach, higher engagement with industry influencers, and astonishing follower growth. 

Ready to catch up on all things content and SaaS? Follow us on LinkedIn. 

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