Top 15 AI Content Tools to Have in 2024

The AI world is crazy out there.

Ever since ChatGPT took the world by storm in 2022, it’s been a whirlwind of new AI tools and content generators revolutionizing the market, with no signs of slowing down.

But I am not complaining. I mean, having a writing assistant that can easily craft compelling stories, an image generator that can generate stunning images and graphics, and assistant tools that can power up content SEO – what could be better than that?

From content creation to keyword research to editing, you name it, and there’s a new AI tool popping up every other day, each better than the next. So, how do you know which AI tool is worth your time, effort, and writing needs?

I decided to search the depths of the AI world for the best AI content writing tools that you must explore in 2024. And here’s what I found.

Top AI Content Tools to Check Out in 2024

1. QuillBot

Best for: Paraphrasing and simplifying content

QuillBot is an excellent writing assistant tool to help you elevate and simplify your content creation process. It features paraphrasing and content re-writing tools that use advanced algorithms to restructure your content while retaining its original meaning.

It helps rewrite your long-form content within minutes and keeps the changes in the text color-coded, so you can easily track changes and tweak them further. The tool offers multiple rewriting modes, has an integrated plagiarism detection tool, and an AI-powered thesaurus.

2. Grammarly

Best for: Writing assistance and plagiarism check

This one needs no introduction. If you’ve been in the writing industry for a while now, Grammarly is probably your go-to AI tool for content writing, and for good reasons. The tool makes it easier to proofread, fix grammatical errors, and enhance your content as you write.

Grammarly features a range of insights to improve your writing; from the tone of content and word choice to engagement level and delivery style, you can fix it all.

3. Jasper

Best for: Content generation

Jasper is an advanced AI tool for content creation, designed to assist users with various tasks, from writing long-form content and generating AI images to writing email copies, social media posts, and more. The tool combines its own Language Model (LLM) with the basic GPT-3 API, along with trained marketing and sales data for generating excellent copies.

With Jasper, you can create engaging content in over 25 languages using 50+ content form templates and use its AI image generator for your marketing assets.

4. Perplexity AI

Best for: Content writing

Perplexity AI is an intelligent, chatbot-style search engine that is based on many of the same natural language functions as ChatGPT. It is a powerful tool to create unique, original, and insightful content.

The tool uses AI technology to generate responses by scouring the web and even offers sources for the information it provides. Users can ask follow-up questions to tweak the content generated according to their requirements.

5. Merlin AI

Best for: Content research and creation

Need a helping hand for your research? Let Merlin AI make content research easier for you. Along with an AI-powered content writing tool that lets you generate original content, Merlin AI also features a summarizer tool that lets you summarize articles, YouTube videos, and websites.

And if that’s not enough, you also have access to ChatGPT plugins – a chatbot tool that lets you read and chat with PDF and website content to get the information you need. I mean, how cool is that? Write, summarise, generate art, or create emails, all with this one tool.

6. WriteSonic

Best for: Content ideation and creation

Next is WriteSonic, an all-purpose AI tool very similar to Jasper, but one with a range of distinct features. For starters, WriteSonic offers a range of content creation tools, from article writing, paraphrasing, and summarizing, to generating landing pages, it can handle it all.

Further, the free AI tool for content writing comes with built-in SEO optimisation features, where you can add your list of keywords to optimise your content for search rankings. And the best part is that you can input your brand guidelines and unique brand voice, analyse competitor content and pull in source links in the content to make sure your content is engaging, consistent, and accurate.

7. Flick’s AI Assistant

Best for: Social media content planning and creation

If you’re looking for an AI tool to assist with your social media marketing, Flick’s AI Assistant is the way to go. The tool will not only help you create engaging social media posts, but you can get on-brand ideas for content, auto-generated hashtags, image captions, and post visuals within seconds.

And when that’s done, you can schedule your posts and track your content performance on different social platforms from within the tool. This one tool will streamline your social media content creation, posting, and analytics with ease.


Best for: Plagiarism check

When Google prioritises and rewards originality, expertise, and authenticity, you should too. is a plagiarism detection tool that allows you to fact-check your content and make sure it is plagiarism-free. The AI-powered tool scans your content against billion web pages on the internet to help you create only original and unique content.

9. Wordtune

Best for: Research and writing assistance

Wordtune promises what all of us content writers are seeking – faster content creation and operational efficiency. If you’re a content writer, Wordtune will help you create original content quicker, cut down time spent on research, assist you with editing, and even summarize YouTube videos, PDFs, and website content to get the information you need.

10. Surfer

Best for: SEO writing

For those looking for a robust tool to create SEO-optimized content, Surfer is another top AI content writing tool in the club. Surfer offers access to a content planner, where you can analyze and research keywords to create SEO-friendly content. It also offers content audit features to help you track past content performance and compare it with your competition. This also comes in handy to get writing suggestions to ensure your content is engaging and relevant for the audience.

11. ClickUp

Best for: Content creation and project management

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform that has now added ClickUp AI to its gamut of AI-driven tools. ClickUp AI is one of the best tools for content writing to brainstorm, ideate, and generate original content to scale up your content production faster.

The tool includes tons of prompts for content and marketing teams to create anything and everything, from case studies and blog content to marketing copies and social media posts. What’s more, the productivity tool is perfect for content teams to craft their social media calendar or content plan, while 1000+ integrations will make it easier to automate and manage your workflows.

12. Pictory AI

Best for: Video creation

Whether video content is a key aspect of your strategy or you’re finally ready to explore it, Pictory AI is an excellent video generator worth checking out. It turns long-form written content into visually stunning videos for your brand.

All you need to do is provide the URL for your published content and the tool will pick out the best content, add rich visuals, and generate voiceovers to create publish-ready videos. What’s more, you can also create shorter videos from the existing ones and use the automatic caption generator to enhance content accessibility.

13.  MarketMuse

Best for: Content planning and optimisation

With MarketMuse, you have an AI content planner, keyword research tool, content briefing, and content optimization tool, all-in-one. MarketMuse helps you plan your content strategy with SERP insights, build topic clusters, analyze competition, get content ideas, and generate SEO-driven content outlines. It is an ideal tool for when you’re just getting started with your content strategy and need a powerful tool to plan and optimise everything for you.


Best for: Content writing is more than just a content creation tool, the platform offers a marketing and sales OS to handle all your business-critical operations in one place. With, you get access to an extensive template library and generate several content forms, including blog posts, social media posts or captions, emails, website copy, and more.

The tool also features more than 2000 integrations, allowing your team to collaborate easily and get the best out of your content strategy.

15. Midjourney

Best for: AI image generation

Dall-E isn’t the only image-generation tool dominating the market. Check out Midjourney, a simple and powerful text-to-image generator that helps you create captivating visuals for your website, social media, and marketing assets.

With this tool, you can generate up to four different images per prompt and get high-resolution images for your brand.

In the End

AI is here to stay, and content writers and marketers who leverage these powerful tools to support their content creation efforts will have an advantage over those who don’t.

For those looking for AI tools beyond ChatGPT, these are my top AI content writing tool recommendations you must check out in 2024. While AI is still evolving, most of these tools are ideal to create content faster and streamline your workflows. Like this blog?

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