Explained: How Vertical SaaS is Taking Over Niche Marketplaces?

The digital world as we know of and engage with today is built on the cloud. And SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are its three core pillars. But over the last few years, the SaaS pillar has branched off into two prominent ways: vertically and horizontally.  Where horizontal SaaS caters to diverse groups of industries, vertical … Read more

Why SaaS Content Needs to Be Product Led

Why SaaS content needs to be product led

“Talking about our product right off the bat in our content will make us sound too sales-y.” Sounds familiar? Do you publish product-led content for your SaaS blog? Like many SaaS marketers, you’ve probably been wired to focus on customers’ interests and pain points first. Then gently nudge them to learn more about the product … Read more

10 Proven Tips for Writing a Compelling B2B Copy

B2B copywriting tips

Writing a B2B marketing copy that stands out is hard work, without a doubt. (Take it from someone who has spent way too much time figuring it out!)  But if you want to get better at B2B copywriting, think of it this way.  When your audience comes looking for information about your solution, what information … Read more

How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas for Your SaaS Blog

Every SaaS Blog starts out strong.  You have a blogging strategy in place – you are thinking of product-led storytelling, niche content, and even multichannel promotions. You’ve got so many ideas running through your head and not enough time. Everything is being done by the book.  It’s perfect. It’s better than Christmas!  And then, without … Read more

Explained: Is AI Content Creation Taking Over Content Writing?

Is AI content creation taking over content writing

“A billion people are set to lose their jobs due to AI takeover.”  “Can AI replace human writers?” How often have you come across similar headlines? Maybe every time you search for something AI-specific. But these headlines are just clickbait, half-baked truths designed to catch eyeballs.  Now, there is no denying that AI has influenced … Read more